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Gaston, Oregon

About Gaston

Gaston is a city in Washington County, Oregon, United States. The population was 637 at the 2010 census. Prior to the arrival of European immigrants in the 1800s, little is known about Native American settlements in the Gaston area. What is known indicates that Native Americans in the area lived similarly to other Pacific Northwest tribes. In nearby Cherry Grove there are a few petroglyphs usually credited to the Atfalati tribe, which is a division of Kalapuya. Diseases such as smallpox, malaria and influenza which were brought to North America by European Settlers, decimated local native American Population. By the time European's began to significantly settle the region, as much as 90% of the original native populations had been killed.
Gaston has:
  • one city park, Brown Park, with picnic tables, a playground, and a baseball and softball diamond
  • a library located behind the City Hall building on Front St.
  • two schools, Gaston Elementary and Gaston Jr/Sr High


As of 10/2015, Gaston is no longer a sanctuary city.

Official Website of The City of Gaston