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Gaston, Oregon

Meet Our Mayor and Council

The City Council consists of a Mayor and Six Councilors nominated and elected from the City at large.    

The Mayor presides over and facilitates Council meetings, preserves order, enforces council procedures, and determines the order of Council business under Council rules.  The Mayor is a voting member of Council.  With Consent of the Council, the Mayor appoints members of commission, boards, and committees established by ordinance or resolution.  The Mayor must sign all records of Council decision.  The Mayor shall sign all records of proceedings approved by the Council.  The Mayor shall have no veto power and shall sign all ordinances passed by the Council within 3 days after their passage.  All powers to appoint and remove officials and employees shall be subject to the approval of Council. 


At each general election, three Councilors will be elected for four-year terms.  The terms of Councilors in office are the terms for which they were elected.  At every other general election, a Mayor will be elected for a four-year term.  The term of the Mayor in office is the term for which the Mayor was elected.  


To qualify for City Council or Mayor positions for the City of Gaston:

  • To hold a city elective position, each person must be a qualified elector under state law, and reside within the City for at least one year immediately before the election or appointment to office.
  • No person shall be a candidate at a single election for more than one city office.
  • Neither the Mayor or a Councilor may be employed by the City.
  • The Council is the final judge of the election and qualification of its members. 



Bob Dooley

City Council Position 2, Terms Ends 12/30/2024

Mary Slocum

City Council Position #5, Expires 12/31/2026

Jerry Hoodenpyl

Council President and Council Position 3, Term Ends 12/31/2024
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