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Gaston, Oregon


If you determine you had a water leak please fill out this form ONLY IF the leak has been repaired.  This is not a guarantee of a credit, you will only receive a a partial "credit" for the leak but to qualify for this credit, you must fill out a leak adjustment form.  Please read the following:  

The City of Gaston Water Department will issue a partial adjustment for water leaks that are repaired by customers in a timely manner, generally we expect customers to repair leaks within 10 days of discovery or notification of said leak by the Gaston Water Department.  Credits are based on your average usage for the same time period in the previous year.  This average is then deducted from the total consumption used during the time of the leak and an adjustment of 50% of the water loss will be credited to your account.  Request for a billing adjustment may be made to the Gaston Water Department ONCE per twelve (12) month period.  A second request for a leak adjustment within that twelve (12) month period most be presented to the Gaston City Council during a regular Council meeting.  

This adjustment excludes leaks related to water features, such as fountains, ponds, swimming pools, hot tubs, irrigation systems, etc., and did not result from a willful or negligent act on the part of the customer or the property owner.  

The Gaston Water Department deserves the right to refuse or provide credit for water that is consumed through the customer meter at any time for anyone for any reason.  If you feel the determination or denial of a credit is made in error please reach out to the City Council and ask to be recognized by the Gaston Mayor.  

The City of Gaston assumes no responsibility or damage, repairs or inspections necessitated by leaks.  

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