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Gaston, Oregon

Water System Update February 2024 Water Bills Mailed Late-Zero Water Usage

The Gaston Water Department is working to update the billing and meter reading system with automated radio reads.  If you receive a bill with no usage and no meter reading, only the base fee was assessed for your water bill in February 2024.  The Gaston Water Department would like to apologize profusely inconsistencies while the City makes these changes to the entire water system.  By the end of spring, the City is hoping to have the entire water system set up with radio reading technology which will eliminate human error and read water meters electronically.  If you do have questions, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 503-985-3340 or by email at wenonahb@cityofgaston.com

Hiland Water LLC also known as NW Natural Water Services, LLC will be performing the physical labor of exchanging the current water meters for new iPERL water meters from SENSUS.  With this update, it will eliminate human error in reading meters by emitting a radio frequency for the meter reading, monitoring water usage 24/7 and allow for sooner leak detection and irregular water usage.  

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