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Gaston, Oregon

Comcast Cable Franchise Survey

The Metropolitan Area Communications Commission (MACC), on behalf of City of Gaston, will soon begin negotiations with Comcast for renewal of Gaston’s cable television franchise. As part of the renewal process, MACC wants to know the cable television and broadband-related needs and interests of our community’s residents.  

As part of the Needs and Interests Assessment, MACC is conducting a survey about your experience with cable television. MACC wants to know what you think about Comcast's cable and broadband service, even if you are not currently a Comcast subscriber.

 Please take the survey and describe your experience with Comcast's cable and broadband service and what you need related to cable communications in the future. Also, let friends and neighbors know about this effort so they may comment as well.

The more members of our community we hear from, the better we can represent your needs and interests to Comcast!

MACC Cable TV Survey 2024

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